Kala Tikka – Gurnazar Ft. Milind Gaba Mp3 Mp4 Full Hd Video Song Download

Kala Tikka – Gurnazar Ft. Milind Gaba Mp3 Mp4 Full Hd Video Song Download

Hello Friends! welcome to the brand new site @MusicParticle.Com. You are here to download the Latest released Song Kala Tikka by Gurnazar Ft. Milind Gaba in 48, 128, 320Kbps and 3gp, Mp4 HD, Full HD Format. We are providing here Great Sound Quality Direct Download Links for you. One of the most famous Song Kala Tikka is live all over the Internet!

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More Details of Kala Tikka Song

Song – Kala Tikka
Artist – Gurnazar feat Millind Gaba
Lyrics – Gurnazar
Music – Millind gaba
Concept & Directed by – Rajeev Thakur
Film By – Snow Leopard Production
Label – Speed records

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Kala Tikka | Gurnazar Ft.Milind Gaba | Lyrics | Full Mp3 | Mp4 HD | Free Download

One may wonder as to what is so lovely about this Kala Tikka, but trust us it is completely rocking and soul touching with various strings of heart being pulled by it at the same time!

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Various Formats Which One can Download

Download Kala Tikka by Gurnazar Ft.Milind Gaba Mp4 HD Song: 

MP4 (Full HD) (1920×1080) (60.49M)

MP4 (HD) (1280×720) (29.73M)

MP4 (640×360)(22.3M)

MP4 (480×260) (14.92M)

MP4 (320×240) (10.93M)

3GP (176×144) (6.61M)


Download Kala Tikka by Gurnazar Ft.Milind Gaba Mp3 Song:

MP3 (128kbps) (3.03M)

MP3 (48kbps) (1.14M)

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